Summer camps are one of the most popular activities throughout the United States, and the potential value they hold for kids of all ages and their parents can’t be underestimated even though there might be many parents who don’t know it yet.

Statistics from the American Camp Association estimates that there are 8,400 overnight camps and 5,600-day camps in the US right now.

If you aren’t planning your kids a trip to one of the many summer day camps this year, they might be losing out on a lot of potential benefits – including a lot of fun.

Here’s why there are day camps to suit kids with any possible interest and some more good reasons to do it.

The Biggest Myths About Summer Camp

Myths about summer camp have persisted for decades. The biggest continuing myth is that summer camp is meant for kids who are either academically or otherwise “behind” everyone else – and nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead, summer camps are meant for…

  • Kids of any age, ability or activity level
  • Kids who love interacting with other kids and even kids who don’t
  • Kids with special needs or kids without

If your kids need something to do (or can think of something that they would like to learn) when summer comes around, then they can probably benefit from summer camp.

A Camp for Everyone 

Summer camp” describes any registered camp that happens during the summer, but there are a thousand different ones from there.

Some summer camps are meant for improving math, others teach about space; some camps are specifically geared to certain sports – and other camps are instead for kids who want to explore nature.

No matter what interests your kids might have, there’s an applicable camp that can make them feel at home.

Explore different options with your kids until you find a camp that you can both agree on is going to be enjoyable for them.

Are You Choosing the Right Camp? 

As an adult, parent and/or guardian, screening the camp that you choose to send your kids to is perhaps one of the first and most important responsibilities you have. Do this first and foremost: Most camps have to be registered with the American Camp Association (ACA) and wlil have relevant registration details that you can check online.

The next step is making sure the camp fulfills what you and your kids and looking for out of the experience: Are you looking for nature-based, math-centric or something else? A wealth of camps out there ensures there’s literally a camp to suit everyone.

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