Our infant program is designed to accommodate the individual needs of every baby from age 6 weeks through 12 months. We are committed to partnering with our parents from the first time their little one enters our classroom. Prior to enrollment, we have our parents complete an extensive questionnaire to help us get to know their baby and their schedule prior to the first day. On top of that, we recommend that parents take the time to write out any and every detail you want our teaching professionals to be aware of. We will carefully read over every detail and adhere to all requests being made with the understanding that the parent is the primary caregiver and knows their baby best!

In addition to the exceptional care your baby will receive, we will also begin to incorporate our individualized curriculum to make sure your baby stays on task and meets their milestones at the appropriate stage for them. We are committed to loving, nurturing, and protecting your baby while they are in our care. At the end of the day, every child will receive a detailed report of all day’s events (diapering, meals, sleep pattern, etc…). We feel that the program we have created is an ideal infant program, and we are confident you will find the same.


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