Our preschool program is specifically designed to prepare your 3-5 year old for kindergarten readiness. With the curriculum we offer, you will find that your child will love to come to school and look forward to learning new things. Our teaching professionals work independently with our students to ensure that the small and large group activities are being retained and understood appropriately. Lil’ Einstein’s preschool classrooms are specifically designed with preschoolers in mind. Each area of the classroom is designed to enhance your child’s learning experience by incorporating each center with manipulatives and resources that coincide with the curriculum being taught week to week. Following these practices keeps the classroom fresh and ever changing. The students never find themselves bored. With exciting and new material always being introduced, your child will feel challenged and excited all at the same time. This is a great tool in creating a great sense of self and prepares your little one for a lifetime of learning.

In addition to the educational aspects of our preschool classrooms, we too understand that your preschooler is still little and needs nurturing as well. You will find that our teaching professionals create the perfect atmosphere for “school” and “fun”. Your child will learn all there is to know prior to kindergarten while still being loved and nurtured. We feel that the program we have created is an ideal preschool program and we are confident you will find the same.

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