Let’s face it, most folks with children work. So when your child is ready for daycare, you’ve got some tough choices to make.

And the plethora of choices available for childcare nowadays, how do you pick the right one for your child?

That’s why it’s a great idea to research the best and how much is daycare in Elkton, Maryland.

While we can’t provide all the answers, we can give you some pointers and things to think about while you’re making your choice of a nearby daycare.

In the paragraphs that follow, we will inform you of signs of a good daycare, signs of a bad daycare, tell you that it’s wise to look into a daycare checklist, as well as how much is daycare in Elkton, Maryland.

As for how much is daycare in Elkton, Maryland, we can provide weekly, state averages., which is about $250 per week. We did find an hourly rate average of just under $12 per hour.

What's the Best and How Much Is Daycare in Elkton, Maryland

You Should Have a Daycare Checklist to Help Decide

First off, we recommend to head to your favorite internet web browser and get ready to surf.

An internet search for a “daycare checklist” will provide you with a slew of links with stories and articles about things to keep in mind when searching for a daycare center and actual checklists you can print out as a guideline when you head out and check into these centers.

Some tips that you’ll see involve, almost exclusively, to check the qualifications of a daycare center you’re looking into. This includes the center itself and its staff. Also, the safety of the center is at the top of most daycare checklists.

Health concerns are also useful to look into, in so far as how the center handles your child if they should get sick.

The staff-to-child ratio is something else to look into; it should be one teacher for every seven for 3-to-4-year-olds, one to 15 for 5-year olds, and one to five for children 2-3 years old.

What Are Signs of a Good Daycare?

When it comes to signs of a good daycare center, always make sure there is constant and non-stop communication and that the center has a sterling reputation in town.

Make sure when you take a tour of the facility (always recommended) it’s clean, organized, and tidy. And though it may sound obvious, make sure the center is OK with visiting at various times of the day and keeping an eye on how your child responds to being there.

When observing keep an eye on how the staff interacts will all children and ask how the staff handles potential problems to see if you agree with their methods. Also, take a look at the schedule the center keeps for its day, to make sure it’s allowing time for academics, playtime, nap time, snack time, etc.

What to Look for and How Much Is Daycare in Elkton, Maryland

What Are Signs of a Bad Daycare?

There are signs of a bad daycare that you should be aware of, and many of these should be visible when taking a visual tour of the facility.

An unsafe and unhealthy environment is one, and too many children beyond the ratio mentioned earlier are two of the signs of bad daycare.

The emotional support level should be high for the staff as is a non-stimulating environment. Also, if they don’t have the state accreditation requirements.

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