When you were growing up you didn’t have all the digital distractions that kids have today. Screen time has become a widely studied area and recommendations continue to change. Often children spend too much time on their phones/TVs/iPads/and more. This is leading to obesity and many other problems. A recent study states that 5 year olds should have a maximum of one hour of screen time a day, in the scope of things that is not a lot!

So what will your children be doing this summer?

Often parents are stuck working over the summer break. We don’t get lucky like our kids and get a lengthy vacation. This often leads to a wide range of childcare solutions ranging from shuffling between relatives or being watched by older siblings. In many of these cases it means a lot of time sitting in front of the TV or another screen and wasting their summer away. This is not only healthy but also allows your child to regress from their development over the school year.

Camp LELA has a solution

At Lil’ Einstein’s your children our are number one priority, which is why we developed Camp LELA. Camp LELA is a summer day camp that provides an exciting and enriching experience. We don’t just have herds of kids moving from one boring activity to the next. At Camp LELA we give your child a summer they will surely remember. We feature two-three field trips each and every week of the camp. We visit places like the Delaware Rock Gym, Delaware Children’s Theater, Delaware Art Museum, and more!

As you can see Camp LELA isn’t your typical summer day camp. Your children will be involved in a wide range of activities over the summer. Not only keeping them actively engaged but assisting in character development while keeping them away from the screens.

I want my kids to attend Camp LELA!

Great! We would love to have them and give them a summer that they will remember! We have three convenient locations in Elkton Maryland, Bear Delaware, and Newark Delaware! We suggest signing up early however, as with our long history of success spaces  do fill quickly!


Don’t let your kids miss out this summer and fill out the form below TODAY!

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