At Lil’ Einstein’s we know education is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and our pathway curriculum ensures success for each child by tailoring learning experiences to his or her unique needs.

So what exactly are the steps along our pathway?

  1. Infants & Toddlers: Our youngest learners thrive in nurturing environments. Teachers are stimulating their developing minds with educational toys and exciting activities. At Lil’ Einstein’s we track each child’s milestones as they continue to learn and grow within their classroom setting.
  2. Twos & Early Preschool: At these ages, students develop a strong sense of curiosity about their world, and teachers encourage that sense of wonder as they facilitate exploration in their stimulating classroom environment. Teachers provide more immersive educational experiences and support students’ budding need for independence.
  3. Preschool: In preschool, children further develop children’s curiosity and independence as they participate in hands-on learning opportunities that instill basic concepts of literacy and math. Teachers also work on classroom cooperation and communication in order to prepare students for success in elementary school and beyond.


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