Questions To Ask When Selecting A Prekindergarten

Selecting a prekindergarten program that is a good fit for your child can be exciting but also overwhelming. As a parent, you want to be certain that you decide on the best program, but how do you make the right choice? Here are some specific questions that parents should ask at any type of preschool.

What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?

Many believe it is important to look for a discovery-based program. Programs that are primarily focused on drill and practice skills are a thing of the past according to modern education studies. While the structure is essential, parents should look for a preschool that offers opportunities for children to make choices about their learning.

Are there active play opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills?

Preschools should offer plenty of opportunities for active play. Physical activity is crucial for the evolution of a child’s gross motor skills and promotes health and well-being. Table time is also a must.

Do the children nap regularly?

Growing tots need to rest at some point during a busy preschool day, so don’t forget to ask the teacher when naptime takes place. Ideally, naps should be scheduled at the same time every day and should not last more than two hours (more than that may interfere with your little one getting a good night’s sleep). You’ll need to know if the school supplies a nap mat, sheet, or pillow. If you’re required to provide these items, ask if they will be washed at school or sent home each week.

How is discipline handled?

First and foremost, the classroom rules should be clear so that your child knows what to expect. Ask the teacher how she encourages positive behavior on a daily basis. For example, is there a reward chart or a treasure chest in the classroom?

It’s also important to know what discipline approach the teacher takes when conflicts occur or problem behaviors arise. Ideally, positive redirection will be the first course of action, with strategies such as a cool-down time to follow when redirection isn’t successful.

Have more questions about selecting a prekindergarten for your son or daughter? Our staff at Lil’ Einstein’s is happy to help! Schedule a tour today and find out why Lil’ Einstein’s is the best! 


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