March can be gloomy. People are tired of the cold weather, and winter is no longer fresh and new. Having your kids play outside all the time in a cold, wet, and windy place is natural for parents to be a little afraid. Our school, Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy, has the opposite thing going on. It’s not unusual for parents to ask us how we work in very hot and humid weather. You may think that keeping your child inside when it’s cold or hot is the best thing for them. As long as you take the right steps to keep your child safe, outdoor play is an important part of their development.

The direct sunlight that comes from outside is good for kids’ bodies and brains.

Sunlight, even if we only get a little on a cloudy or winter day, gives our bodies more natural light than we get inside. That’s important because if kids don’t get enough sunlight, things can go wrong. This is why. Our brain’s “inner clock” is set by how much light we see, so going outside helps kids stay in good sleep rhythms.

Getting a lot of sunlight every day also helps make sure that kids get enough vitamin D, which affects everything from bone growth and muscle function to the timing of puberty.

It’s also been shown that bright light can help kids focus, and it may even help the brain make new synapses.

The effect of structured play on children’s physical activity is magnified when they are outside.

It may sound self-evident, but it is nevertheless true: Children get greater exercise when they play outside. This is especially true when they are participating in a group activity.

Outdoor play, according to new research of 5- and 6-year-olds had a significant effect on physical activity levels. Children were twice as active while they were outside, and for every additional hour spent outside, children spent around ten minutes more time engaging in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.

What is the takeaway? Outdoor play can increase exercise levels, which is clearly beneficial. Cardiovascular activity is critical for children’s health. Additionally, exercise has been shown to improve a child’s cognitive functioning.

Additionally, organization can be beneficial. Adolescents gained the maximum exercise in one study when they participated in structured, outdoor activities, such as organized summer day camp activities.

Outdoor play lets kids have the freedom and space they need to develop their natural athleticism. They can run fast, jump far, and climb high.

Mom and Dad don’t want their things to be broken in the house. They also have more freedom to move around when they play outside. In the outside world, they can do things that aren’t usually possible, like run at top speed and swing from their arms. At Camp LELA, they have even more chances because we have a lot of planned activities and trips outside.

This helps their bodies grow in the right way, and it may even make them more athletic.

For kids, Camp LELA is a great way to get outside and play. It’s important for them to play outside to grow. Technology is a huge part of our world now, but the evidence shows that it’s important to unplug from time to time as well.

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