Did you know that the summer camp industry is $3.6 billion in size!? We surely didn’t, until we started looking up interesting facts about summer camp. 29% of summer camps are just like ours, a summer day camp. This means that your child doesn’t stay overnight, but rather comes home daily. These are great alternatives to shuffling kids around to relatives, neighbors, etc and offer a great way to keep your child involved over the summer.

There are other benefits to summer day camps as well. Studies of camp parents showed that they believed that camp helped build their child’s self-esteem, is a place to build social skills and make friends, and more. Not only that many found the safe environment reassuring opposed to possibly leaving your kid alone all summer with an older sibling etc. Parents also have reported that their children feel good about themselves, gain more self-confidence, and increase their independence and leadership skills while attending camp.

With all these great benefits, who wouldn’t want to send their child to summer camp?!

The American Camp Association has provided a great resource on how to choose the best camp for your child. Being the experts in the field we often look to ACA for information.

“Who will care when I’m not there?”. Every parent wonders this when they leave their children in the hands of strangers. Who will take the time to appreciate basic child development, as well as the unique qualities of their personalities? Who will ensure that my children have fun and learn important life lessons? Who will help my children understand the importance of a community and the responsibilities that lie within? Who will keep my children safe and guard their tender feelings while they are acting invincible? Who will care when I’m not there?

The answer to these questions is the camp staff and counselors. They offer children the place to explore, discover, and learn about the best things life has to offer. They are willing to laugh and talk with children, creating an understanding of social bonding. The camp experience is a win-win for everyone. Parents win because their children grow and learn. Children win because they have fun and collect lifelong friends and memories. Society wins because the camp experience helps make healthy, productive adults.

So, what will your children do this summer?

If you’re realizing that a summer day camp is a great option for your child then please consider Camp LELA. We have a great program that is highly respected in the region. Fill out the form below to receive more information!



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