What’s the best way for your child to spend his or her free time during the summer break? For some families, it’s a time for children to play and have fun. For others, it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their studies or learn new skills. There’s a single place that gets kids outside having fun, experts say, while teaching them lifelong skills. It’s called summer camp.

There are some core benefits to camp that simply can not be ignored. These benefits aren’t found at all camps, so some research is required. You should look for a well rounded program, not just one that herds kids from one mindless activity to the next. When you do find a good summer camp however, you can look for your child to receive the following benefits from their summer.

Building friendships and social skills

It may seem scary at first to enter a whole new social world at camp. However, camp offers a crash course on meeting new people. This helps children develop new social skills and improves their self esteem. They will develop their conflict resolutions skills as they continue to learn how to make decisions without their parents’ assistance.

Summer camp also often provides children with a blank slate. This allows them to figure out a new personality or identity, away from their peers from school. This is believed to improve a child’s emotional intelligence and results in a more well rounded individual.

Continuing education in the summer

Learning is more than textbooks, classrooms, and tests. Fun often meets education in the classrooms of summer camp.

Camp is the kind of place where children can learn life skills such as teamwork, and apply the lessons they learned during the school year in many enjoyable activities. Many activities planned within Camp LELA are not only designed for fun, but also their educational value.  The best part about camp? Kids will be too busy having fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning.

New experiences

With video games, Facebook and smartphones all vying for a young person’s attention, the national epidemic of obesity and inactivity won’t be easy to overcome. Camp provides children with time to be active and get away from the TV and technology. Camp LELA takes this to a new level providing multiple field trips per week. There is no herding of children or placing them in front of a TV screen for days on end. Children will experience and grow throughout the summer during their many planned trips.

Would you like your children to experience these benefits this summer?

What parent wouldn’t want their kids to have an amazing summer, all while allowing them to grow and mature? At Camp LELA we strive to produce the best summer day camp for your children. The entire program is designed around not only your child’s safety but also their mind. Want to learn more? Simply fill out the form below to learn how your child can have the best summer yet!


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