So, how much does daycare cost? It’s a fair question and one you need to explore when you need this essential and valuable service for your little tyke.

Of course, with any question about the cost of certain services, there are variables you need to consider. In this case, it matters where you live in the country, how old your child is, how many hours you require your child to be in daycare, and of course the type of daycare that you desire.

There are daycare centers available to consider as well as folks who operate an independent daycare in their home or individuals who come to your home to watch your child.

How much does daycare cost? We’ll explore the answer to this question.

Also, we’ll look into affordable daycare, child daycare prices in Maryland, infant daycare cost per hour, and provide you with a childcare costs calculator to use to narrow down what your costs will be.

 Make Sure You Know How Much Does Daycare Cost

What Are the National Average of Daycare and Child Daycare Prices in Maryland?

As mentioned above, there are variables when looking into your actual costs of child daycare prices in Maryland, but we’ll provide the best national and state averages (as of 2016 when the latest figures were made available).

The average American will spend nearly $200 per week for daycare. Nationally, for 15 hours for your typical babysitter, look to pay about $214.

And as far as infant daycare cost per hour, the national average for babysitters is about $15 per hour. And with nanny’s in fashion, you’ll be on the hook for about $550 per week.

In Maryland, be prepared for a bit of sticker shock as child daycare prices in Maryland are higher than the national averages. The breakdown by state available is the per year cost.

For infants, you can expect to spend about $13,000 per year. For your preschool aged child (around four-years-old) the price is more reasonable at close to $6,000 per annum.

 In the State of Maryland, How Much Does Daycare Cost

Search for a Reliable Child Care Costs Calculator to Help

There are some handy child care costs calculators available online nowadays. A quick web browser search will provide you with several options, even some that are efficient enough to narrow down the search and costs to the area you live in.

This is more of a helpful tool for folks looking for how much is reasonable, in your area, to pay babysitters either in your home or at the providers home.

But some of these calculators will help with average rates for childcare centers, to provide you with a perspective of whether you are paying too much.

Of course, you’ll want to research any childcare center or provider, and it’s a good idea to ask other parents you know and find out who they have chosen. This way you can have some ideas of the best options and of course or providers to avoid.

Finally, before choosing a childcare center, definitely check into their credentials and qualifications. Visit the facility and do so with a list of questions to make sure you make the right choice.


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