It’s always important to help your child through significant life transitions and the beginning of a school year is a perfect example. Maybe your child is moving to a different classroom or attending a new school – why not help them mark the milestone. Here are a few ideas:

  • Let your child make a card for her teacher introducing herself. Write down all the words she tells you if she’s not yet ready to write.
  • Create a new beginning-of-the-school-year family tradition to mark the occasion. Perhaps you could have a special annual dinner or family outing.
  • Throw a pizza party for the children in your child’s classroom.

If your child is struggling with feelings of loss or anxiety about an unknown future, for a period of time you may see an increase in behavior problems or a tendency toward regressive behaviors (thumb-sucking, pants-wetting, etc.). This is completely normal. Please “cut your child some slack” and give them the time and support needed to work through these issues.

Stay your consistently firm self. Don’t overreact. In quieter moments, make sure to express your sympathy or empathy to your child and provide some extra snuggles.

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