There are so many ways that parents can connect with their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, but music is probably one of the most fun and beneficial to your young child’s growth and development. Whether it’s singing a lullaby at bedtime, passing the time on road trips with silly songs or reminding children to do a simple task like brushing their teeth, music has a positive outcome on children.

Believe it or not, some researchers have found that early musical training benefits children even before they can walk or talk by smiling more, communicating better and easier to soothe when upset. In addition, certain studies show that music stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development.

Participating in music at an early age also improves a child’s memory, helps children socially by letting them break out of their shell and teaches them discipline. And when you combine dance or movement, children learn how to control their bodies, develop hand-eye coordination and experience a fun way to exercise. Who knew “I’m a Little Tea Pot” was so educational?

At Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy, we love to encourage children to sing and dance with music! But there are so many ways you can use music to help your child’s development at home as well.

Here are just a few:

  • Encourage your child to listen for beats or count them in a song.
  • Practice clapping or tapping the beats to a favorite song and have your child do the same.
  • Put on music and dance together.
  • Have your child walk on tiptoes when you listen to high, quiet music, and stomp his or her feet to louder, slower music.
  • As you sing and dance together, the music will not only create special memories, but will also help your child develop concentration skills.

Have fun!

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