More and more studies are being released explaining the importance of preschool in a child’s development. At Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy we strive to provide the best preschool program in the area with a focus on your child. Your child’s first years of school are filled with many wondrous moments. It’s a time of tremendous social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, and it can come and go before you know it. Pre-K may look like all fun and games but there is an extraordinary amount of brain work going on. Young children learn through play and creative activity, so your preschooler’s puzzles and blocks aren’t just entertaining; they’re teaching problem solving and physics. Preschool is also a time for developing good learning habits and positive self-esteem. Here are a few of the milestones children typically achieve while in preschool.

Preschool Milestone 1 – Letters and Sounds

Kids will learn to recognize and name all 26 uppercase letters and even some of the lowercase letters. They will learn to recognize their own first name and be able to print it, along with other letters and meaningful words like Mom and Dad. Preschoolers will also develop an association between letters and sounds and know some of the sounds that letters make.

Preschool Milestone 2 – Shapes, Colors, and Objects

Through the many daily activities planned children will learn or continue to learn the names of many colors, basic shapes, and their body parts.

Preschool Milestone 3 – Numbers and Counting

Staff will help kids learn to recognize and identify the numbers one through 10 and correctly count 10 or more objects. Learning what numerals 0 to 9 look like and being able to name them correctly is one of the first math skills preschoolers learn. Counting is a separate skill that usually starts with memorization; kids will memorize the order of numbers and say them proudly as they “count” objects. As they advance, they will learn that the numbers and objects actually correspond.

Preschool Milestone 4 – Drawing and Cutting

Before entering kindergarten, children should be able to cut with scissors. As they develop better hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, they will begin to draw and color beyond just scribbles and will learn to use pencils, paintbrushes, and glue.

Preschool Milestone 4 – Sharing and Socializing

Developing important social skills is necessary before starting kindergarten. Children will learn how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turns, to participate in group activities and follow simple directions, and to communicate wants and needs.

These are four of the major milestones that many children will achieve while in preschool. A solid foundation is crucial for your child’s development and something we strive for daily at Lil’ Einstein’s! Want to learn more about our Preschool program? Schedule a tour at one of our centers near you!

Want to learn more about our Preschool program?

Schedule a tour at one of our centers near you!


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