Lil’ Einstein’s Offers Part-Time Preschool

Part Time Preschool Programs

At Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy, we know that not every family has the same needscel. While some children are ready for full-time preschool, others may benefit from a part-time preschool program. Our part-time preschool program affords all the benefits of full-time care while allowing your child to attend at the level that suits your family’s needs.

Part Time Preschool Programs for Two, Three, Four, and Five-Year-Olds

Our curriculum provides a safe, fun, nurturing environment where children spend time playing, learning, socializing, exploring, and growing together. Children also learn to become independent, self-confident, curious learners. They develop social skills, express creativity, and discover the world around them – all in a part time preschool program that works with your schedule.

Our program for two, three, four and five-year-olds offers the final steps along the path to success in kindergarten. Our programs are setup to support the emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of every child in our care.

When enrolled in our part time preschool program, children will have the opportunity to:

Learn – Developmental activities introduce literacy, math, and science concepts and comprehension skills through interactive projects and activities.

Play – Preschoolers can participate in a number of activities and free-choice periods that allow for creative expression and fun!

Interact – Children are encouraged to meet, talk, and play with each other during every part of their day. Our preschoolers also learn positive ways to deal with conflict and develop constructive social skills.

Explore – Our centers incorporate many unique and engaging opportunities for exploration. From natural elements in our classrooms to time spent outdoors, there is always something to be explored at Lil’ Einstein’s.

Grow – Our teachers are fully committed to making a strong, positive impact on each child in our care.

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