Newark, Delaware based Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy is pleased to announce that they have new openings in their preschool program. The local academy offers one of the most prestigious preschool programs in Delaware, and their openings often end up being among the most coveted at the beginning of the new school year.

“With the new school year now fully set in motion, we want to reach out to parents within the community to announce that the preschool program in our Old Baltimore Pike location still has a few openings available,” shares Lori G. of Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy. She eagerly invites the members of the community to apply for one of the coveted openings. According to Lori, this is an opportunity that may not return for several months, as the local academy only offers few enrollment opportunities each year due to the high demand for openings.

Lori states, “We will be offering free tours to show you how we operate, the environment that your kids would be attending and meeting the teachers they will be learning from. Starting from our preschool to prekindergarten classrooms, you will get to see all of the rooms that your child will eventually graduate to. You will be free to ask any questions during this process. We want nothing more than for you to make a well-informed decision regarding your kid’s future.”

The Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy’s preschool program is specifically designed to prepare children from ages 3-5 years old for kindergarten readiness. Their curriculum strives to be a balance between new, exciting activities and instructive lessons that will help kids associate their new lessons with experiences, thereby making them easier to remember. This also makes kids eager to learn more, and the institution observes that it is common for their students to look forward to new lessons.

Lori says, “We rely on teaching professionals who work independently with our students to ensure that the small and large group activities are being retained and understood appropriately. On top of this, our classrooms are specifically designed with preschoolers in mind. Each area of the classroom is designed to enhance your child’s learning experience by incorporating each center with manipulatives and resources that coincide with the curriculum being taught week to week. Following these practices keeps the classroom fresh and ever-changing. With exciting and new material always being introduced, your child will feel challenged and excited all at the same time. This is a great tool in creating a great sense of self and prepares your little one for a lifetime of learning.”

The Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy states that the scope of their preschool and prekindergarten programs extends past the educational aspect alone. They understand that kids of such an early age need nurturing and care as well as instruction, and they dedicate significant effort to making sure that they receive the attention necessary to encourage learning.

“We are a licensed pre-k academy. This means that, once your child reaches the adequate age, they can move forward in our program without having to change schools,” states Lori. This facilitates the transition into a new learning stage, removing the need of adapting to a new environment that can sometimes be a challenge for children around the age of preschool and pre-k. She continues, “You will find that our teaching professionals create the perfect atmosphere for school and fun. Your child will learn all there is to know prior to kindergarten while still being loved and nurtured. We feel that the program we have created is an ideal preschool program, and we are confident you will agree.”

The school’s website offers more details on Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy and the various programs for children of all ages they provide. Interested parties may reach out to Lori G. to follow up on any further inquiries. They may also schedule a tour through the academy’s facilities. Several locations are available all throughout the Delaware and Maryland area, including Bear, Chesapeake City, Elkton and Newark.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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