Start Early

Highly qualified childcare centers often carry a waiting list and can take some time to get into. The earlier you inquire about enrollment, the better your chances are of receiving a spot in the time frame you are looking for.

Tour the Facility

Make sure you meet with both the director and your child’s prospective teacher.

Ask Questions

During your tour, come prepared with a list of questions for the director and the teacher. Often times when you are touring different facilities you may forget what each center had to offer. Have your notebook handy and jot notes throughout the tour.

Be Alert

Take the time to really look around the classroom. Is the teacher engaged? Do the children look happy?

Stay Involved

Once you decide on a facility, your job is not done. Stay involved in classroom activities and make sure to communicate with your child’s teachers both at drop-off and at pick-up.

Be an Advocate

Your child is still little. You need to feel confident in your childcare choice and know that your child’s teacher will be a good teammate in their growth and development. Having a good partnership is the key to success!

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Schedule A Tour Now & Get 50% off of the first 4 weeks



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