Because technology is growing more complex, the current generation is spending far more time interacting with it than prior generations. It is more prevalent than ever before to suffer from a technology addiction, which has a variety of negative consequences. Children who are hooked to technology frequently can’t function properly without their electronic devices, throw tantrums when they are separated from them, and generally have a bad attitude when it comes to activities that need them to be more physically active than usual.

Children who are addicted to technology are more likely to be exposed to unsuitable content, to be readily influenced by others, and to be bullied as a result of their addiction. In addition to significantly impacting a child’s social abilities, being glued to a computer may cause aggressive behavior, insomnia and difficulties paying attention. While it is critical to recognize the warning symptoms of technology addiction, it is equally important to avoid becoming addicted to technology in the first place.

Here are some tips:

Don’t Replace Boredom With Devices

Providing your child with their devices when they’re bored, unhappy, or angry fosters a dependency on technology to solve all of their problems, which can lead to depression and anxiety later in life. Instead, concentrate on assisting your child in developing a healthier hobby, such as participating in sports or joining a club. Hobbies are beneficial to a child because they relieve stress, teach them how to express themselves, help them to establish self-esteem, and help them to strengthen their own relationships.

Plan More Outside Time

Because of their electronic devices, children are spending significantly less time outside than they should. This has resulted in an increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity, which has been linked to a variety of health concerns. Encourage your child to spend time outside playing! Visit a playground, throw a soccer ball around in your yard, or organize a nice weekend at the park with your family. Your child will appreciate the opportunity to be active while also receiving some fresh air.

Set Guidelines On Screen Time

It is critical to instill in your child the notion that screen time is a privilege rather than a necessity in his or her life. Check to see that your child has completed their chores, accomplished their homework, or completed any other important tasks before allowing them to use their electronic devices. Your youngster will learn that, no matter how much they want to play on their phone or tablet, they must first attend to their responsibilities as a responsible adult.

Consider Your Own Screen Usage

If your children see you clinging to technology as well, they will grow up believing that it is the normal way of life. If you are a parent, it is critical that you set a positive example for your children by spending less time on your phone and more time interacting with them as a family. Having a child who feels that you are not paying enough attention to them might result in poor conduct and acting out in an attempt to gain attention and feel validated.


At Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy, we encourage our children to be more involved with their peers by restricting the amount of time they spend on the computer and pushing them to spend more time outside playing with their friends. We recognize the importance of developing their social skills and encouraging them to be more active during this critical developmental stage. We also give youngsters the opportunity to discover new interests through the inclusion of art and music in our educational daycare and preschool programs.

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