Should You Choose A Daycare Near Me at Work or at Home?

Are you in the process of selecting a daycare for your child? If so, you’ve probably wondered if you should pick a daycare near me at work or one that is near home? Here’s a list of a few pros and cons of each choice you can make for child’s future childcare location.

Choosing a childcare center near your home

Some choose to select the licensed daycare center that is closest to their home. This often is the choice when your child is in infant care or new to daycare. The thought that you’re very close if they need you is often reassuring. It however can be an issue if both parents work a distance from home. Traffic, getting stuck behind at work, and other delays can add stress to picking up your son or daughter on time.

Daycare center near your work

Centers located your work also have benefits. Being able to quickly reach them in the middle of your work day if needed is a benefit. You also avoid the stress of making it near home in time for pickup. The downside however occur on the days you’re traveling or home sick and not going into work. With care near your work you’re stuck still making the trek towards your place of employment.

How to Choose A Daycare Center

At Lil’ Einstein’s Learning Academy we suggest you weigh many factors in choosing the perfect childcare center for your son or daughter. Location is one of those factors to consider. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself when you’re going through all your different options.

  • Do you have other children’s schedules to take into consideration?
  • How long is your commute?
  • Is one parent doing the majority of the drop-offs/pick-ups?
  • Does one parent travel a lot for work?
  • Do you want your child to be very close in the case they need you?
  • Does the location work for your family?

Lil’ Einstein’s has multiple convenient daycare locations near your home and work for all your childcare needs. Schedule a tour today and find out why Lil’ Einstein’s is the best childcare center for you!


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