What do you plan on doing with your kids this summer?

As the weather begins to warm, thoughts of summer begin to enter everyone’s minds. For many parents, this brings about the dreadful question of what will they do with the kids? The children get off for summer vacation, but most parents do not get that luxury. For parents with kids too young to stay home this adds even more stress to their daily lives.

Bouncing back between different family members, home care providers, etc just ads more stress to the already hectic lives of many. The idea of your children just sitting around watching TV all summer also doesn’t seem beneficial. Overnight summer camps are an option, but often pricey and only last for a week at a time.

Summer Child Care Solution

The solution for many parents is a summer day camp. These camps provide reliable and affordable child care during the summer break. They often are open early in the morning to to accommodate working parents and have late pickup times as well. They also provide educational experiences throughout the summer to prevent your child from regressing over the summer.

Camp LELA Is The Summer Camp Solution

Camp LELA strives to the best summer day camp solution in the area. With three convenient locations we provide and educational and affordable experience for your children. To prevent summer boredom we have developed a program that helps your child excel the following school year. Our campers enjoy two to three trips EACH week, and fun learning the remaining days. Trips are planned to be both educational and fun experiences and to help young minds grow. Activities that are planned include tye-dye, games, theme days, wacky-water days, and more!

Camp LELA has great locations

Camp LELA currently has three great locations in Delaware and Maryland. Our Maryland facility can be found in Elkton, right off 213 across from Kenmore Elementary School. Our two Delaware locations are easily accessible and found in Bear and Newark.

Made up your mind?

Decided that a summer day camp is the best thing for your kids this year? Sign them up for one of our three locations NOW! Spaces are limited and as summer gets closer, spots begin to fill quickly. Sign up below now!



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